Outpatient Surgery

At Fachärztezentrum Glatt we offer very patient-friendly outpatient surgery. Nowadays a stay in hospital can be avoided more and more often because of improved operation methods and gentle anaesthesia techniques. For this purpose, at Fachärztezentrum Glatt we have an operating room with pre-op and recovery room – all in a familiar and calm atmosphere.

Outpatient surgery is covered by health insurance funds in most cases. This means that greater comfort comes at no added cost. Our patients also value this service because they are cared for by the same team from their first attendance, to the operation itself and through to follow-up treatment.

Outpatient surgery is safe. However: If you have any questions or concerns, you can always contact us on an emergency number even during the night, over the weekend and on public holidays.

Operations that are particularly suitable for outpatient procedures can be found in nearly all surgical specialties. Talk to your doctor and ask for advice about the possibilities of outpatient operations at Fachärztezentrum Glatt.

Your Medical Specialists

Dr. med.
Markus Cardell
Medical director, board certified surgeon and hand surgeon